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Welcome Stern Class of 2017!

To all incoming students in the Class of 2017:

We are excited to welcome you and your classmates to NYU Stern’s Class of 2017 next week!

We hope that you had an enjoyable and productive summer and are eager to arrive on campus. Before you come to Washington Square, you will need to do the following:

  • Download and read our quick start sheet, which will cover several important topics, including how to activate your Stern e-mail account.
  • Make sure you’ve gone through the items on Next Stop NYU and the Stern Pre-Arrival Checklist.
  • Please be on the lookout for an e-mail in the near future from Stern’s Office of Student Engagement about your Cohort assignment.

Travel safe, and we will see you all on Monday, August 26th at 9:00 am in Gould Plaza.



BS in Business #ClassOf2017 Webinar in the books


Those of you that weren’t able to attend, be on the lookout for the video to come your way via email. We’ll also address some of your questions directly (via email) and post the rest to the FAQ portion of the New Students page. 

Good luck with registration June 6th (we’ll be here to help), and have a great summer! We’ll see you face to face in August!!!

- Stern UC Advising

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Class of 2017: Registration Info

Registration for Fall Classes
You will start registering online for your fall classes on June 6 at 10am EDT. To help you prepare, we have put together a registration booklet for both BS in Business and BS in BPE students:

The booklet will cover how registration day works, and what may happen in July for those of you waiting on AP/IB scores.

We’ll also have a 1.5-hour optional webinar for BS in Business students on Wednesday, May 29, 7:30pm-8:30pm (EDT) in which Stern advisers will talk through highlights from the booklet, how some imaginary freshmen might have picked their classes, and then open it up for you to send in questions.

You’ll need to register if you’re interested and able to attend to get sent the link.

Summer Deadlines
There are Next Stop NYU deadlines and NYU Stern Deadlines, and you’ll responsible for both this summer.

The next few weeks will be focused on getting your classes/schedule ready for the fall semester. We’ll hold off on discussing longer-term topics (e.g., college/post-college aspirations) until you’re on campus this fall. However, if you do have a question about your fall classes, you can e-mail us. You can also post a question to the Stern Class of 2017 Facebook group (for those who do not use Facebook, we’ll also post important updates to our Advising Tumblr).

We look forward to meeting you all in person this fall!


Stern UC Advising

#Stern #Classof2017

Class of 2017 Call-in Day for students “on the fence.”

If you still need a few more bits of information to make your decision to attend NYU Stern this fall, Stern’s academic advisers will be standing by the phones Friday, April 12th from 2pm-5pm (EDT). (If you can’t call during this time, you can always post a question or two on this group’s wall any time!)

Our number is 212-998-4020. 

This call-in opportunity is more about general/academic questions for the undecided student.

If you’ve already decided to come to Stern, in May, we’ll start posting specific information online on how to select and register for your classes for the fall semester. We’ll also have a webcast and webinar for you to get information and ask more questions, and we’ll, of course, continue to field questions here in the Facebook group.

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