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The Definitive Guide to Quick Visits

So you need to have a form signed by your Academic Advisor… but there are no appointments available!

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Never fear, Quick Visits are here!

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“What is a Quick Visit?” you ask…

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Quick Visits are 15-minute meetings with an Academic Advisor that are offered to students on a first-come, first-served basis.

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  • Quick Visits are available Monday through Friday, from 3:30 pm to 4:45 pm.

(NOTE: You may not be able to meet with your regular advisor, rather you may need to meet with whomever is available.)

  • Exceptions are made to the Quick Visit schedule for Holidays (e.g., Independence Day, Labor Day), the First Week of Classes, Welcome Week, and in the weeks leading up to and including Registration, so pay attention to your email for more information on Quick Visits during these times.

  • Quick Visits are recommended for adding/dropping a course, having an internship form signed, clarifying questions, etc.

(They are not recommended for long-term planning discussions, including study away, discussions about graduating early, etc. — you’ll need a regular 30 minute appointment for that, which can be scheduled via Albert.)

Well, we hope this guide has been illuminating, and we look forward to seeing you on the 6th floor!

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5 Tips for Student Club Involvement

1.     Follow your Interests.


Yes, it is a good idea to get involved in an student organization that could support and propel your professional interests.  But just as importantly, be sure to explore your personal interests…whether it’s sports, politics, food or belly dancing!

2.     Prioritize.


When at Club Fest, go around and add your e-mail on a couple of listservs.  Keep your options open, maybe attend one or two meetings the first month.  But soon you should see which ones really peak your interest, keep you engaged and seem cool.  Don’t hold on to four clubs when you could be giving 100% to one or two.

3.     Manage your time wisely.


Again, try to avoid filling up your plate with clubs and extracurriculars.  As most clubs/organizations have weekly/biweekly meetings (on weeknights), you might want to keep that in mind when you know you have class all day and then early the next.  

4.     Become a Leader.


Finding a club you can have fun and meet friends in is important.  But equally as important is finding ways to keep challenging yourself and engaging in positions of responsibility.  You want to find a club that’s going to enhance your learning experience and provides you with opportunities to network…with fellow classmates and professionals!  Not only does it look good on your resume, but it will provide you with great  experience.

5.     Commit.


Find what you’re passionate about, and give it your all!  You will soon notice that you are more valuable when you can dedicate not only your time but also your heart into what you do.  You might not be in the same organization(s) your senior year as you are now, but you will certainly get more (and give more) out of 1+ years involved in an organization, club, or cause !


'cause getting involved can be good for you…


Business Practicum

Congratulations on landing an internship!!

So Happy!


But the internship requires that you receive course credit from Stern??

I'm Shocked




Our 0.5-credit elective course designed to help students learn leadership and interpersonal skills while interning at an organization of their choosing.

Course Information:

Title: Business Practicum, MULT-UB 71

Credits: 0.5

Grading Basis: Pass/Fail only

Course Format: Online modules and final essay

Fall 2014 Course Fee: $85

Please Note!

  • Open to Stern undergraduate students only (B.S. and B.P.E programs) who have completed at least a year in residence at NYU (or from an accepted transfer institution); sophomores, juniors and seniors

  • Internship may be paid or unpaid

  • Counts as a Stern elective

  • Course will be offered Fall, Spring and Summer terms

  • Students may only take the course once per semester

  • Deadline to apply for the Fall 2014 course: Monday, September 29, 2014

More info about the Fall 2014 Business Practicum is posted here.

Or learn more by visiting us at the Advising Office in TISC 616! (During Quick Visits, of course…)


Excited?! We are.


Are you planning on taking the Statistics Proficiency Exam during Welcome Week?!?

If you received an AP Statistics exam score of 4 or 5 and have sent the scores to NYU, then you are eligible to sit for the exam during orientation to possibly waive yourself from the 4 credit statistics requirement.

To assist you in preparing for this exam we have uploaded a study guide to the pre-arrival checklist. You can find the link located in the Orientation Week information for Aug. 25-29.

*REMINDER: Plagiarism Tutorial*

As you should have seen in a recent email, you are required to complete the “How to Recognize Plagiarism” tutorial. After you read through the tutorial you will also need to:
-Successfully complete the test at the end of the materials
-Print out the certificate you receive for completing the tutorial

DEADLINE: The signed certificate is due to the front desk of Advising (Tisch Hall, 40 west 4th street, suite 616) by Friday, September 5th!

Tutorial is located here:

10 Freshman FAQs

Every semester the Stern Undergraduate Advising Office hires a team of student workers to assist with peer advising and a broad range of office projects. This year we’ve recruited our Graduate Assistant Kate Hensly (a Stern Alumn!) and Stern junior Dorian Arrunategui to create a series of posts with advising tips for your time at Stern. Check back here weekly for their advice on academic life and beyond. 

First up is a review of the Top 10 Freshman Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. How many credits should I be taking?


On average students take between 16-18 credits, although you only need 12 to be considered a full-time student.  You are able to request to take more than 18 credits in a semester (although it’s not advised)

  1. Is it possible to study abroad in Stern ?


Of course !  NYU Global Programs now offers Stern classes in London, Prague, Florence, Madrid, Shanghai, and Sydney, but Stern students can also elect to study at the NYU sites in Abu Dhabi, Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Paris, Tel Aviv, and Washington, DC. Global sites offer summer-long, semester-long and year-long study away options.

Stern’s IBEX (International Business Exchange) program also allows Juniors and Seniors to choose from 18 partner schools in 12 countries to immerse themselves in another culture.  

If you are interested in studying abroad (and you should be !), then plan ahead — choose a program, a location, course plan, and have back ups !

  1. Do I have to have two concentrations ?


Nope !  Some students have 2 concentrations, some just one.  Some have a minor, some two, and some do not have one.  We can tell you, though, that almost all students will have at least two fields of study (whether it’s one concentration and a minor, or two concentrations).  Before you feel pressured to load up on the concentrations, take an intro course, explore courses in other schools, etc.   

  1. Do I have to have an internship ?

Do not even worry about it !  You will have plenty of time your Sophomore and Junior years to look for internships.  In the meantime, explore your interests, check out Wasserman, and make sure you understand what you’re looking for when you start looking.


  1. What are tracks ?


Tracks are a great way to explore your more multidisciplinary interests.  Tracks provide a roadmap of coursework that will help you develop both intellectually and professionally in those areas that cross traditional disciplines.  With each track comes one great Track Champion — a faculty member dedicated to developing and monitoring the track curriculum, advising students, and facilitating their professional development.  

  1. How can I get involved on campus and within Stern ?


There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus — whether it’s AthleticsGreek Life, or Student Government.  Check out club fest (both NYU and Stern’s) to find some cool student-run organizations and All-Square Clubs on campus — you’re bound to find at least one you’re interested in!

Check out centers and programs around campus — such as NYU’s LGBTQ CenterCenter for Multicultural Education & Programs (CMEP), Health Promotion Office (HPO), and Center for Spiritual Life.  Participate in events and traditions such as Ally WeekHeritage Months (e.g., Asian, Latina, Black, Women, Pride), and Strawberry Festival.

Do you commute ?  Meet the Commuter Student Council and keep an eye out for events.  

  1. How does one “network” ?


Be yourself.  If you have a genuine interest in seeking more information (whether personal or professional) from someone, let them know !  Introduce yourself, speak clearly and with intention.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for their contact information.  You never know who could hook you up with your next internship… and PS - practice makes perfect.

Check out Wasserman for more resources and events learn more !  

  1. Where can a kid get some tutoring ?

If you visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC), the University Learning Center provides tutoring services for the most common (math, econ, stats) courses throughout NYU.  For Stern courses, Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) students provide tutoring for intro courses such as Micro, Economics of Global Business (EGB), Statistics, Financial Accounting (FA), etc. You can also visit the Writing Center for help with your writing assignments.


  1. What’s there to do around here [NYC] anyway ?


In addition to the bountiful parks & gardens, restaurants & foodie events, NYU hooks its students up with free admission to museums and discounts to shows across the city !  Check out NYU Skirball, our Center for the Performing Arts, to learn more about their upcoming events. (Remember that time Drake came to NYU…?)

Take advantage of Stern’s Cohen Arts and Culture Experience (CACE) and expose yourself to New York City’s rich artistic and cultural diversity while hanging with fellow classmates, faculty, and staff members.  

  1. Who can I talk to about my academic career?


Stern students of all years can make 30-minute appointments with their academic advisor to discuss topics including course scheduling, concentrations and minors, study abroad options, and co-curricular activities.

To make an appointment, visit your Student Center in Albert, and select Setup Advisor Appointment. You will be prompted to select a Department (Stern) and an Appointment Reason (First-Year Concerns). From there, select your advisor and a convenient time slot. Albert shows available appointments only up to 5 days in advance, and appointments are typically available

Monday through Thursday 10:00am-4:00pm.

You are encouraged to wait until the start of the Fall semester to set a meeting with your advisor.

Feel any better?


Registration Update: Math

Mathematics Update

Calculus 1: If you are still attempting to enroll in Calculus 1 for the fall we have been informed that the sections listed below may have a limited number of available Stern seats. As a reminder, if you are unable to enroll in an open section please continue to waitlist yourself for the time being.

  • Section 11
  • Section 16
  • Section 21
  • Section 26
  • Section 31
  • Section 36
  • Section 46

Algebra and Calculus: Those of you trying to register for Algebra and Calculus,it is important that you also continue to waitlist yourselves if there are no available sections.

Please remember to stay calm and be patient. Today is not the end of registration and we are doing our best to respond to your inquiries as soon as we can!

Registration Writing Update

Writing the Essay: Various seats will be released between 11:45am and Noon today for sections 22 through 119 of EXPOS-UA 1.
*Please be aware that the available seats may still be limited so back up sections are a must!

International Writing Workshop I: Listed below are the sections of EXPOS-UA 4 that are available to Stern students. As mentioned with Writing the Essay, seats may be limited so please plan back up sections in the event your first choice is closed.

  • section 1
  • section 2
  • section 5
  • section 6
  • section 8
  • section 9
  • section 10
  • section 12
  • section 13
  • section 16
  • section 17
  • section 18
  • section 20
  • section 21
  • section 22
  • section 23
  • section 24
  • section 25

IMPORTANT: Global Cultures Sections Open to Stern Students


We have recently been informed of Global Cultures course sections that are available for you to enroll in. Please refer to the list below and schedule accordingly, you will only be able to register for the sections listed even if other sections appear open.

Global Cultures Sections Open to Stern Students
African GC:
AFGC-UF, 001, Fulani, TR 12:30-1:45
AFGC-UF, 002, Fulani, TR MW 11:00-12:15

East Asian GC:
EAGC, 002, Chang, MW 12:30-1:45
EAGC, 003, Chin, TR 12:30-1:45
EAGC, 004, Chin, TR 2:00-3:15

Latin American GC:
LAGC, 002, Navia, MW 12:30-1:45
LAGC, 003, Ramos, TR 9:30-10:45
LAGC, 004, Ramos, TR12:30-1:45
LAGC, 002, Navia, MW 11:00-12:15

Middle Eastern GC:
MEGC, 001, Vatanabadi, MW 2:00-3:15
MEGC, 002, Vatanabadi, MW 12:30-1:45

South Asian GC:
SAGC, 001, Almeida, TR 11:00-12:15
SAGC, 002, Almeida, TR 9:30-10:45

IB/GCE A-level exam scores

For students who have sent IB/GCE A-level scores (which are not recognized by Albert) to NYU, please send an email to with the following information at your registration date and time if you need help enrolling in a course with that pre-req:
- Full Name
- University ID number (9-digit number starting with N1)
- Complete course number and section of the course(s) you wish to enroll in.

Please send this to us by 3pm on 6/11.

Please note that the system (which shows received IB/GCE A-level scores) will be offline from Thursday, 6/12 through Monday, 6/16. Advisers will be unable to access scores during this time, so please plan accordingly.