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New Courses for Fall 2014!

New and Featured Fall 2014 classes!

Check out these great Stern elective courses for the fall 2014 semester:



NEW! FINC-UB 81: Risk and Insurance
Professors John Biggs and Samuel Liss
Counts towards: Finance concentration
Prerequisites: FINC-UB 2 & FINC-UB 7

Provides the background for understanding the role of insurance and risk management as it applies to business and personal pursuits. Includes a review of the major elements of life insurance, property and casualty insurance, and health insurance. The focus is on basic terminology, contract analysis, and investment implications. Risk issues from the view of both the insurance company and corporate user of insurance are considered. Illustrations apply to both corporate needs and an individual’s estate planning and insurance.

NEW! FINC-UB 49: Principles of Securities Trading

Professor Joel Hasbrouck

Counts towards: Finance concentration

Prerequisite: FINC-UB 2, FINC-UB 9002 or ECON-AD 302

Most finance courses focus on how securities are defined, valued and used. This course is about how securities are traded: the design, operation and regulation of trading processes, mechanisms and protocols. Today’s markets for stocks, bonds, and derivatives span a wide range in sophistication and complexity. For some securities, the market has evolved to an integrated network that offers very high levels of access and transparency. At the other extreme we have markets that operate as small dealer networks sustained by reputation and relationship. Some mechanisms are new (the open electronic limit order book); some are as old as antiquity (the single-price call auction). We have a general sense that all markets are heading toward some sort of electronic future, but the speed of progress and convergence varies widely. Our markets are infused with tensions between efficiency and fairness, competition and regulation, consolidation and fragmentation, speed and stability and so on. The course is based on a realistic picture of the trading process, so you will go into a fair amount of institutional detail, as well as some law and market regulation.



NEW! ECON-UB 237: Spatial Economics
Professor Gian Luca Clementi
Counts towards: Economics concentration
Prerequisite: ECON-UB 1

Economic activity is not located randomly across space. Spatial Economics is the subfield of economics that tries to account for the location decisions of individuals and firms in the geographical space. Why is the fraction of population living in urban areas constantly increasing? Why is Foreign Direct Investment increasingly taking place in the shape of cross-border mergers and acquisitions? This course introduces and critically analyzes cutting-edge theories that were developed to answer these and many other related questions. A further objective of Spatial Economics is to evaluate the economic efficiency of the location patterns we observe, as well as their welfare consequences for the constituencies involved. This means addressing questions such as: Are rent control and public housing efficient remedies to urban poverty? Do local food systems make any sense? This is a high-level course for students that love math and coding, particularly indicated for those that are considering grad school in economics.



NEW! MKTG-UB 86: Luxury Branding
Professor Thomai Serdari
Counts towards: Marketing concentration, BEMT minor
Prerequisite: MKTG-UB 85

Building on concepts and business principles discussed in Luxury Marketing, this course is designed to provide students with an understanding of branding, design thinking and how these are combined to define luxury business strategies. It also completes the discussion on luxury products and brands by demonstrating that branding within the luxury segment of the market is an integral part of business strategy. By the end of this course students will have developed an understanding of design thinking and strategy and their fundamental role in reinforcing the emotional impact of luxury brands on consumers; a deeper understanding of the luxury segment of hotel, fashion, beauty and automotive industries without excluding other product/service groups; analytical skills by hands-on experience and business case analysis, discussion, and presentation; and the critical skills to distinguish/discover faults in business strategies that are not compatible with or contradict the essence of a particular luxury brand. 

MKTG-UB 93: Research Seminar: Current Research in Marketing
Professor Joel Steckel
Counts towards: Marketing concentration

This course will focus on a collection of articles published in the past several years.  These contain the findings and theories that the next generation will find in their textbooks.  The topics these articles focus on will be ones that are of current commercial interest.  They may include the value of a customer; measuring the value of a brand; forecasting movie success; the relationship between the stock market and marketing activity; the impact of scandal on product markets (e.g. Tiger Woods); influencing consumer food choices; the impact of online advertising on consumer behavior; and marketing in times of economic volatility. The class will meet once a week for 3 hours.  Each class will discuss 3 to 5 articles.  We will focus on the interest and importance of the research idea in each article, the approach used to address the idea, potential limitations of the work, and possible extensions of it.  There will be no exams.  Students will make mini-presentations and be required to produce a research proposal either individually or in groups.  It is an ideal course for those interested in SPUR activities.

NEW! MKTG-UB 58: The Business of Video Games

Professor Joost van Dreunen

Counts towards: Marketing concentration; Business of Entertainment, Media & Technology minor

Video games are now a mainstream form of entertainment. In economic terms, this industry has experienced tremendous growth, despite a grueling recession, growing to an estimated $60 billion worldwide. A key development that has changed the playing field for both the producers and consumers of interactive entertainment is a shift away from physical retail to digital and online game distribution. The audience for games has also shifted—no longer the exclusive practice of hardcore gamers, video games have gained mass appeal in the form of social and casual gaming, on the internet, on consoles, and smartphones. At the same time, the development and publishing of games has become far more accessible. The game behind the game, in a manner of speaking, has changed. In this class, we explore the basic components of the current video game industry. Every week, we review major current events, will hear from people currently working in the industry, examine case studies, and discuss the overall business landscape. Central to each class is the notion that practical business considerations and the design-driven creative process do not have to be in opposition.



FEATURED! INFO-UB 38: Social Media and Digital Marketing Analytics
Professor Anindya Ghose
Counts towards: Information Systems concentration,
Business Analytics track, Digital Marketing track
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing

The Internet continues to revolutionize the way people, businesses, and governments interact with each other. The web is now encroaching upon core business activities such as new product design, advertising, marketing and sales, word-of-mouth, and customer service. It is fostering newer kinds of community-based business models. There is a significant amount of economic value accruing from the content generated in spaces mediated by social media, and there are tangible means for monetization of such content through newer forms of online and mobile advertising. These processes are just beginning and will have enormous impact on daily activities and the way users relate to people and organizations. This course examines the major trends in electronic and mobile commerce and the emerging phenomena of user-generated content. In addition to Internet marketing strategies and business applications, the course covers the business implications of social media such as blogs and microblogs, wikis, social networking sites, search engine and display advertising, and other multimedia content emerging on mobile phone-based platforms.

FEATURED! INFO-UB 46 Dealing with Data
Professor Panagiotis G Ipeirotis
Counts towards: Information Systems concentration,
Business Analytics track, Management Consulting track

This course is focused on how one deals with data, from its initial acquisition to its final analysis. Topics include data acquisition, data cleaning and formatting, common data formats, data representation and storage, data transformations, data base management systems, “big data” or nosql solutions for storing and analyzing data.  Students will learn Unix tools, the basics of relational database technologies, including SQL and how to apply these tools in Windows, Linux and big data environments. Students are formed into teams and there is a team project, a mid-term, and bi-weekly homework assignments. 

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Class of 2014 BS/MS in Accounting students can now find all of the latest information pertaining to the MS in Accounting Program via the CPA Tag!

New & Featured Classes for Spring 2014!

Are you still looking for that perfect Stern elective to round out your schedule?  Check out this list of some great classes that are being offered in the spring 2014 semester that are still open!

5 months ago

Fulfill your Natural Science requirement in London!

BIOL-UA 9140/ENVST-UA 9275 Where the City Meets the Sea: Studies in Coastal Urban Environments, a Science course in London, can count as fulfilling your Natural Science requirement. If you are studying in London next semester or in the future, keep an eye out for this class! For more information, check out the NYU London Courses page.

Check out the Trick or Treat Meet and Greet that recently occurred at Stern with students, faculty advisers, track champions and members of the advising team!

Stern PHD Open House,Friday November 1, 2013

Getting a PhD and becoming a professor/researcher of business is an exciting and rewarding career path. Not sure what it’s all about? Come find out more at Stern’s PhD Open House this Friday, Nov. 1.

Stern offers PhD concentrations in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Operations, and Statistics. You can find out more about these programs here.  This path is great for inquisitive students with a passion for exploring interesting ideas with applications in business.

We invite you to learn about what an academic career in business has to offer, who should consider doing a PhD, and what Stern’s PhD program entails (full tuition scholarship and living stipend for all admits are just some of the logistics). Prior full-time work experience or a masters degree are not pre-requisites for admission.

Friday’s event will start with a reception where you can have conversations with PhD students and faculty in different departments, followed by a presentation by our Vice Dean for Doctoral Education, and finally, break-out sessions by department.

If you’re interested, please join this Friday, November 1, starting at 5:30pm in the Tisch UC level.
Click here for more details and to RSVP

Interested in registering for J-Term courses? Check out your options (listed above and on Albert) and sign up today!

Interested in registering for J-Term courses? Check out your options (listed above and on Albert) and sign up today!

BAP Tutoring for Stern courses taking place this semesterMon and Tues | 5:00pm-6:30pm | Ernst & Young Learning Center (LC 27) Beta Alpha Psi is offering tutoring for Stern courses, including Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Foundations of Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Statement Analysis, Statistics and more! This tutoring is available to all Stern students on a walk-in basis.

BAP Tutoring for Stern courses taking place this semester
Mon and Tues | 5:00pm-6:30pm | Ernst & Young Learning Center (LC 27)
Beta Alpha Psi is offering tutoring for Stern courses, including Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Foundations of Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Statement Analysis, Statistics and more! This tutoring is available to all Stern students on a walk-in basis.

NYU Cross-School Minor Showcase

Wednesday, November 6 | 12:00-2:00pm | Silver Center, Hemmerdinger Hall (Ground Floor), 31 Washington Place, New York, NY 10003

Open to all NYU undergraduates. Learn about a wide range of minors in CAS, Social Work, Steinhardt, Stern, Tisch, and Wagner. Over 75 minors will be represented. Join on Facebook. For a full list of minors, please visit the NYU Cross-School Minors website.